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Tree Trimming in Allen, TX

If your property is in need of tree trimming services to control overgrown limbs or dead branches, it's time to call! Let us take the stress of unsightly and unhealthy trees off your hands with our professional trimming techniques. Regular trimming can also prevent weakened and dead branches from suddenly collapsing on your property.

We also know that this important maintenance shouldn't cost you a fortune. This is why we are proud to provide our expert tree trimming services at the most competitive prices in the Allen, Texas area. Most regular trimming can be performed any time of the year. There are exceptions and we will ensure we don't trim a tree in a way that could be detrimental to the tree's health. We perform all types of tree trimming according to ANSI 300 standards so you know your trees are trimmed properly. Below are the different types of tree trimming typically performed.

Canopy Cleaning:
The removal of dead, dying, deceased and crossed branches and water sprouts from a tree's canopy. Canopy cleaning is the most popular of our regular maintenance tree trimming.

Canopy Raising:
Canopy raising allows more sunlight for your grass to grow by providing direct sunlight. This is accomplished by removing lower limbs of a tree. It also provides clearance for driveways, walkways, and houses.

General thinning:
General thinning is performed to allow more sunlight, more airflow for the trees health and to improve appearance.

Specific Branch Removal:
Specific branch removal is performed to remove branches off of houses, growing into other trees or to improve appearance.

Don't trust just anyone with one of your most valuable assets. Let Frog Tree service take care of all of your family's tree care needs!

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Customer Testimonials
Your tree service did a wonderful job trimming our trees. Your pricing was great and it was nice being able to hire a locally owned business." - C. Jones
"Thank you for your professionalism. The team work ethic was evident from start to finish. Our neighbors were also pleased with your consideration for their property." - S. Osburn