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Mistletoe Removal

Many trees in Allen have Mistletoe in them. Mistletoe is found most often in native species such as Red Oak, Shumard Red Oak, Cedar Elm and Hackberry trees. Mistletoe not only is an eyesore, it is a parasite that lives off of and can stress the host tree. Frog Tree Service offers Mistletoe removal as one of our many services. Normally we remove Mistletoe during the winter months because it is more visible which allows us to remove most if not all of the Mistletoe. Sometimes this service needs to be performed 2 to 3 times until the tree has the ability to fight the Mistletoe off by itself. Call today to have us remove the Mistletoe out of your trees.

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Customer Testimonials
Your tree service did a wonderful job trimming our trees. Your pricing was great and it was nice being able to hire a locally owned business." - C. Jones
"Thank you for your professionalism. The team work ethic was evident from start to finish. Our neighbors were also pleased with your consideration for their property." - S. Osburn