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What our customers say about Frog Tree Service

"Your tree service did a wonderful job trimming our trees. Your pricing was great and it was nice being able to hire a locally owned business." - C. Jones
"After looking at my neighbor's trees you trimmed I called for an estimate. Your price was fair and the work was exceptional. Thanks for the tip on effective watering during our drought filled summers." - B. Perry
"ABSOLUTELY wonderful experience. They just left and I hurried to write a review to let everyone know that they are absolutely wonderful. They did a great job on several of the trees I had in the back and front yard. Prices are reasonable, they cleaned up well, and it was pretty quick too! I am very satisfied and would highly recommend them." - Cathy W.
"Customer service was excellent, very friendly staff, and superb quality in their workmanship. You will be satisfied." - Wes E.
"Honesty is important, and it can be confusing to know what different people say. I have a large Live Oak tree that is close to my house. I was getting estimates trying to figure out if I should top it or remove it.
Mark said we should not top it, and also said we shouldn't remove it. He explained everything very well, from the growth rate of Live Oaks to the root system. He seemed to be the only one that knew about trees, rather than just how to take them down. They trimmed the tree as he suggested, it looks great and I feel confident that we made the right choice." - Brian S.
"I had Mark from Frog Tree Service come out to give me an estimate on removing a tree, and to my surprise, he suggested that I keep the tree. He said it looked to be in good health, and posed no real threat to my house. I was ready to pay big bucks for this, and he definitely saved me some money. If you need an honest opinion, give them a call." - M. Pierce
"Thank you for your professionalism. The team work ethic was evident from start to finish. Our neighbors were also pleased with your consideration for their property." - S. Osburn
"These guys were recommended by a neighbor. We are very happy with their service! We have used them twice now.. They even swept the sawdust off my driveway. You could hardly tell that they had even been there." - Joe K.

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